Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Vacate Cleaning

 What I Glanced in the Febreze Safety Immersion
Due to Febreze for sending me to the occasion and sponsoring this informative article. Y’know my thoughts about smells/scents. I am usually not a fan of breathing in anything aside from air. But because being a part of this Cleaning Collective to get P&G, including Febreze products, I have had a ton more odor in my house [...]
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Pressure Washing My Patio
A couple of weeks back, I rented a power washer. Or a pressure washer. I had wanted to lease one for many years, hoping it'd be a magic experience. Whenever that I scrubbed or sprayed something out which could not be readily rinsed away, '' I presumed ideas like: When I had a washer, this could be simple [...]
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Vacate Cleaning
If you're moving soon and don't have the time or desire to do the vacate for your real estate inspection then don't worry no more. Westcoast Cleaning offer a service you cannot resist. They are locals that's why it is so affordable and because they are in the business for many years they now how to get things done. Schedule one now! 

Stating the Obvious
Lately I generated storage space by draining a cupboard of items we no longer use. As I transferred a box, I discovered a printed piece of paper and had a sudden memory of the article in my very first year of blogging. The article was about conducting across a cleanup program that has been a handout in [...]
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172: Overthinking that the Housekeeping Procedure Podcast
Overthinking housekeeping strategies proved to be a significant part of my difficulty. (Says the girl who's written two books on the topic.) The issue is that I enjoy talking about and considering cleaning, organizing and decluttering over that I enjoy really like cleaning, organizing and decluttering. But believing did not clean my home and overthinking frequently [...]
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On Good Morning Texas Now!
If you are at the Dallas/Fort Worth area, tune into Good Morning Texas on WFAA (channel 8) this morning around 9 to see with my spring cleaning hints. I have partnered with Walgreens and P&G within their Healthy House effort. Once I can, I will link to the section here. Should you saw me , welcome! [...]
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